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etched glass

Door & Glass Commissions

Over the 30 years we've been in buisness we've done a lot of glass & door commissions for our customers, thats why we have created this blog.

To ensure our customer have the best and easiest experience when buying decorative glass & wooden doors, and to be able to view the extent of our design work!

external door and glass downham

External Downham Door & Glass Pack

A customer wanted a front door replacement and chose our downham door design with a matching glass pack.

exterior door with leadlight

External Derby Door & Bespoke Leadlight

Front door replacement with our Derby door and a specially made leadlight for a customer.

outside door with stained glass

External Malton Door & Pastel Square Leadlight.

Front door replacement with the malton external door and a customer wanted something simple but colourful to match.

front door with stained glass victorian

Derby External Door & Victorian Leadlight.

Two bespoke Victorian leadlights to match an external derby door.

fanlight house number etched glass front door with borders

Etched Glass C3 Borders With House Number Malton Exterior Door

Using our etched C3 border to go into a malton external door, with a matching fanlight with house number.

interior door with etched glass

Etched P2 Design & Pine Malton Door

Internal malton door with matching etched P2 glass panels.

internal door with obscure glass

Internal Malton Door Witch Etched Fleur De Lys.

Our repeat etched fleur de lys panels in a malton door.

internal stained glass wooden door

Internal Malton Door & Bespoke Leadlights.

Two bespoke pastel leadlights to match a customers malton internal door.