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Altincham, Manchester, Bespoke Coloured Etched Glass Restoration.

Manchester Broken Glass Replacement

If you keep up with our instagram or twitter, you may be aware of this coloured glass project.

We had previously been contacted by some home owners in Altrincham, Manchester who wanted a quote for restoring some beautiful coloured & etched glass in their home.

The customer had the orginal coloured glass panels in their home, but they had unfortunatley been broken, and required remaking, to an exact match to ensure they blendid properly with the orginal house features.

There were two different designs that needed restoring, one with a red background, the other blue, but we faced some trouble with the colouring.

It's often difficult when doing work like this to get an exact colour match, due to the process of the glass being made not being writted down, or the way the enamels were made are no longer made due to saftey and eco regultaions.
Also due to the fact these glass panels colours had faded over time.

decorative glass manchester
Hover your mouse over the image to see the design detail

We had to redraw both designs, ensuring we had different layers to apply to the screen for screen printing the enamels onto the glass.

screen printing manchester

Once the screens have been made, we proceed by etching some of the glass panels to allow an obscured effect, and then screen printing the colours on top of the glass.

coloured glass manchester etched glass manchester

As previously stated, we needed to get an exact colour match, but this was hard due to the sun damage to the panels, we recreated this by using a stippling effect with a paint brush.

decorative glass manufacturers

The Finished Coloured Glass Panels Fitted Into The Sash Windows In Altrincham, Manchester.

coloured glass altrincham manchester coloured glass etched glass

As our customer said "Thank you so much they look amazing ! Would recommend any day! Thank you for restoring our beautiful home x"

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