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Barmouth, Bangor- Wales- Decorative Bespoke Etched Glass

decorative etched glass victorian frosted glass

In the above photo, you'll see a before and after photo of a glass panel we remade for a customer.

Two of the orginal glass panels had been broken, and the customer lived in a graded property so they needed the glass panels remaking to an exact specification.

we used one of the orginal panels that the customer themseleves had brought it and started working on copying the design.

(Sometimes a customer cannot bring in the orginal panel, we ask that you take a lots of photos, and if possible a glass rubbing and send them over to us at- sales@artglass.org.uk)

etched glass vase victorian

As this was a more detailed design we wanted to ensure we got all of the design properties correct, just like the orginal handmade pieces.

Our in house illustrator went to work copying the design to an exact likeness by hand, and instead of using a computer in this particular job, we used the design to go straight onto the screen, ready for screen printing.

As you can probably tell by looking at the photographs, the technique isn't like our usual standard etched but is infact our double etched glass technique.

This is a technique we have developed over the years to immitate acid etching, but at a lower cost and less saftey risks. You can see from the photo below the difference in our standard etched glass and double etched glass.

decorative etched glass wales

Below you'll see the finished result of the glass panels fitted into a door.

decorative etched glass victorian barmouth bangor wales

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