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etched glass

Wales- Coloured Glass & Etched Glass

If you keep up with our instagram or twitter, you may be aware of this coloured glass project.

We had previously done a job for the same customer, but they required the glass in just plain etched like below. You can read more about that project by clicking here.

The customer orginally had the orginal coloured glass panels in his home, but they had unfortunatley been broken, and required remaking, he also being made into double glazed units.

The glass panels had the bespoke glass design in amber borders, the bespoke glass in blue placed at the center, with red brilliant cut glory stars at the corners.

Making bespoke glass like this into double glazed units is a good idea, and we do recommend it, not only does it protect the glass, but it also makes the glass easier to clean.

coloured glass panel
Hover your mouse over the image to see the design detail

Once we had applied the design to glass and added the amber and blue enamel colouring, it was time for the glass to be cut to size, ready to be soldered together with H lead cames. And ready to be made into double glazed units.

coloured glass star glass

The Finished Etched Glass & Coloured Glass Panels.

coloured glass etched glass

As our customer said "A huge thank you to you and your team. The glass looks stunning!"

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