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Ystradynlais, Swansea, Wales- Decorative Bespoke Etched Glass

This particular job was very different to any we had tried in the past.

etched glass

A customer from Swansea in Wales approached us wanting to make duplicates of some very ornate 70's acid etched panels

As you can tell from the photos these panels are full of art work and needed to be an exact replica to match the orginal in the sash windows.
etched glass panel

First off we looked at the acid etched etched and determined that they were a replica of our double etched glass, as you can see from the photo below, the double etched on the right is more obscure than our standard etched glass.

Using photogrsphs the customer had sent in of the etched glass we proceeded to duplicate the art work ensuring we got every little detail of the acid etched glass panel, once this was complete we applied the art work to screens ready to be applied to mutiple glass panels
etched glass swansea

Our double etched glass was a complete match, and the finished etched glass products couldn't look better next to the orginal.
This glass restoration project was a large success, and we even had fellow glass manufactures ask how we got the etched glass panels looking identical to the acid etched process.

As our customer said "A huge thank you to you and your team. The glass looks stunning!"

And we are currently into phase two of the project, using the same design but double etched glass panels, with some colour added. We're very excited to see how this will turn out and will make another glass blog post about this in the future.

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