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Bespoke Etched Glass & Stained Glass Commissions

Over the 30 years we've been in buisness we've done a lot of bespoke glass commissions for our customers, thats why we have created this blog.

To ensure our customer have the best and easiest experience when buying decorative glass, and to be able to view the extent of our design work!

bespoke glass decorative
Great Rail Restoration, Isle Of Wight

we were approached by the Isle Of Wight Railway Company to restore some beautiful royal blue & etched victorian glass panels. This was feastured on the Channel 4 show, click the link to see some clips of us in our workshop.

bespoke glass decorative

Coloured & Etched Glass Altrincham, Manchester

Home owners had a beautiful property in Altrincham, Manchester, and wanted to keep some beautiful orginal features in their sash windows. These consisted of blue victorian panels, and red victorian panels.

etched glass vase victorian

Bespoke Acid Etched Vicorian Vase

1 of 2 vintage glass panels had been broken and needed an exact match recreating.

etched glass pattern

Bespoke 70's Style Acid Etched Glass Design.

We had never seen a design like this at Art Glass, it was a challenge to recreate such a unique design.

etched glass pattern

Bespoke 70's Style Etched Glass & Coloured Glass Design.

As we had previously done a bespoke glass panel for a customer, they wanted the same design, but with colour added.

bespoke glass decorative

Sash Window Stained & Etched Glass Salisbury.

A cusomer had some exsiting glass borders in an arched sash window that needed copying and replacing.
We suggested using our fired enamel colours.

sash window glass replacement

Sash Window Brilliant Cut Glass, Edinburgh.

A customers sash window had brilliant cut border panels in the frame, one of them had unfortunatley broken. We were able to reamke that glass panel to ensure its a perfect match.

repair broken pattern glass

Bespoke Glass, Stroud- Gloucester

A customer approached us with an etched and coloured glass panel they had in their house for many years, that had unfortunatley broken, we were able to recreate that glass panel perfectly.

liverpool pub window glass

Bespoke Glass, The Lion Tavern Liverpool.

Two bespoke ornate glass panels with different layers of etching made for The Lion Tavern in Liverpool.

hand painted glass replacement

Bespoke Leadlights With Hand Painted Rounels, Southport.

Three bespoke leadlights made with hand painted roundel center pieces.

coloured glass panels with pattern

Bespoke Acid Etched Glass & Red Flash Glass

After a bespoke acid etched design on red flash glass had broken in a customers home they needed an matching panel in order to fit in with the oginals.

stained glass leadlights with handpainted glass

Bespoke Etched & Coloured Glass & Hand Painted Tree Stained Glass Window.

A new build required some glass for the front door, the customer chose a bespoke etched and coloured glass design for two side panels and a door panel, and also chose a port hole leadlight with a hand painted roundel to match.

plaza cinema liverpool
Plaza Cinema Art Deco Glass

Bespoke etched and fired enamel panels for the Plaza Cinema in Liverpool

victorian etched glass vase

Bespoke Acid Etched Vicorian Vase

With a customers vintage glass panel being broken, it was brought to us to recreate a Victorian acid etched glass design.