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The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

decorative etched glass window
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As a job we were comissioned to make two orante bespoke glass panels for the pub The Lion Tavern, based in Liverpool. As part of this we had to copy the border design from an orginal glass panel, in order for it to match.

pub window designs

We took some photos of the orginal glass panel that needed the design copying, and also took a template of the glass. Once we had a the shape of the glass and right measurments we could start working on recreating that ornate design ready to be applied to screens.

making glass decorative repair firing glass kiln

Once we had the designs completed on the computer, we seperated them into five layers. As the design has three different layers of etching, a layer of clear, and a layer of gold for the typography that would be applied.
After each layer is applied, we put it in the kiln to be fired.

victorian etched decorative glass toughening glass

Once all the etched layers have been applied, we were at the final stage of applying the gold typography to the glass, and firing the glass again.

Finally we have to have the glass toughened for saftey regulations.

pub window pub windows
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And here are the two finished bespoke glass panels fitted, finished off with "Liverpool Gin" & "Local Ales & Stouts" written into the glass in gold.

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