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Glass Panels For Wide Panel Doors.

On this page you will find a different range of glass door panels that have been specially designed to suit the standard 2XG2 doors that we supply, and designs can also be manipulated to fit customers door sizes.

Etched Glass Wide Panels

frosted glass

P22/C3 Border
Design Size 420mm X 820 mm
You can change the centers and borders with the below images.

etched glass

P21/VP2 Border/E51
Design Size 420mm X 820 mm

Design cannot be altered.

victorian etched glass

P28/P10/E52 Border
Design Size 420mm X 820 mm

Design cannot be altered.

etched glass

Glass TypePrice Per Square MetreMinimum Charge
4mm Cut to Size & Toughened
£396.00 +VAT
£99.00 +VAT
Double Glazed Toughened Clear
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
With Aluminium Spacer
£497.20 +VAT
£124.30 +VAT
Double Glazed Toughened K
16mm, 18mm, 20mm
Warm Edge or Super Spacer Argon Filled
£541.20 +VAT
£135.30 +VAT

These designs are also available in Double Etched
obscure glass

The Difference Between Etched Glass (left) & Double Etched Glass (right)

P34 Wide Panel
decorative etched glass

The P34 (seen above) design is one of our more older bespoke designs recently made available as a
standard product to our customers.

Ideally made for wide panel doors, this design
is beautifully geometric complementing most of our border options available (which you can see below),
in both our standard etched & double etched, this design allows a wonderful amount of light into a room.

Price On Application

victorian etched glass

Standard Etched P35.

Etched background & clear design,
Design Size 500mm X 880 mm

Panels That Measure Up To 610X1120mm

Price On Application.

acid etched glass


Double Etched (DE) is a technique that allows the perfect obscurity with the design as well as the background is etched,

Panels that measures up to
610mm x 1120mm

Price On Application.

etched glass

Reversed Etched P35

Reversed etched leaves the background clear,

allowing an enormous amount
of light into the room,

the design gives off a white effect perfect for any intricate design.

Price On Application

Fired Enamel Wide Panels

fired enamel glass

Our Different types of glass for wide panel doors, includes our fired enamel range.

These are cost effective alternatives to stained glass & leadlights,
You can see a range of our different fired enamel panel designs on here.

These stained glass panels offer a traditional look that are also energy efficient and are more cost effective.

To produce the fired enamel stained glass, the glass panels are silk screened with several Vitraux glass enamel colours in design form, onto a single sheet of glass, then fired in the kiln at 580°C (Melting point of glass).

Most of this type of work we use adhesive lead over the edge of the design to imitate traditional lead work.

The Enamelled panels are a more cost effective way of adding character back to your period style property.

9 Panel Leadlights For Wide Panels

wide panel doors
Our range of 9 panel glass packs often used for Downham & Warwick doors can now be applied to wide panel doors.

This includes 4 borders, four corners and a center, of which we have different designs in both coloured and etched, that you can find displayed on our Downham Door Page.

To apply the borders, corners and center into the wide panel door, we use the same technique we use to make leadlights.

Using H lead cames we solder the glass together to greate a wide panel to insert into the door.

Like the Image you can see to your right, you can interchance all the borders, corners and center with a various range of other designs we have listed on our downham door page.

Stained Glass For Wide Panels

wide panel stained glass
We also offer a stained glass service, stained glass panels are made by cutting individual pieces of glass and soldering them together with lead H cames.

Using this process you can have different coloured and textured glass added to a stained glass panel.

We help create stained glass designs for our customers, theres a range of previous designs made for other customers, or we can help create something new.

Previous designs can be found on our Leadlight Gallery, also found on our Leadlights Page.

We can also copy and reproduce leadlights our customers have seen at a neighbours or even on the internet, for prices all we require are sizes and a photo or drawing of the design.

For Prices Please e-mail sizes and designs to -

Having trouble getting the sizes for your glass?
We can help you with instructional walkthroughs and videos, please visit our Measure Up page.

Please Note- if you require delivery your glass will have to be toughened.
This is a saftey regulation and we cannot by law send it by post un-toughened.
Alternativley if you want annealed glass you can collect it from our premises yourself.

*All goods will be supplied subject to VAT @ 20% When ordering any glass off our website please make sure you provide the correct sizes including the correct tolerances. We can not take any responsibility for sizes that have been provided incorrectly! Information on glass sizes can be found on our MEASURE UP page, or if you require any further information on measuring up please contact us we are always here to help.