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Hand Painted Roundel Leadlights, Southport

bespoke hand painted leadlight
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A customer approached us wanting to replace some obscure glass with traditional leadlights with hand painted glass.
As you can see by the photo we produced three leadlights with three hand painted roundels, the center panel having a blue tit center piece, and the two panels having two lily center pieces.

The Process

hand painted roundelhand painted glass roundels

This is a traditional process using enamels to paint the glass, with each layer being fired individually.
We start the hand painted roundels onto obscure glass, first doing the outlines, then firing the glass, adding shading and firing again.

painting glass glass roundel

Once the outlines and shading is finished we start to add colour, each colour is again fired individually.

stained glass panel making leadlights

When the roundels are finished and all fired, we cut the rest of the glass for the leadlight & add the lead cames (you can learn more about leadlights here).
Once the leadlights are cemented and dry we clean them up and have the finished products ready to install.

hand painted glass bird roundel flower stained glass leadlights
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