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Replacement Etched Glass & Restored Etched Glass.

victorian glass replacement
Left: Before | Right: After
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You can see more jobs involing stained glass, leadlights, & coloured glass like the above here.

Our services include restoration & replacement glass.

We restore bespoke glass such as coloured etched glass, leadlights & stained glass (like the coloured etched glass panels on the left).
But we also replace etched glass.

Restored Etched Glass: If you have a broken etched glass panel that is unlike any of our standard designs, we can remake it!

replacement glass

We request for some photos of the customers broken panel, and if possible the broken piece of glass, along with the required glass sizes,
we then redraw the design on a computer, ready to be applied to a screen and applied to the glass.

If you're intreasted in seeing work we have previously done for restoration projects, please check out our blog.
Below, is a few more examples of remade etched glass panels, from a series of eras.
Replacement Etched Glass Examples:
etched glass art glass replacing etched glass bespoke restored victorian glass
Replacement Glass: If you're intreasted in keeping the price reasonable and cost effective, we have a range of standard frosted etched glass designs that can be used, these are indicative of victorian etched glass designs, that have been popular across the UK in period properties.
You can see 4 of our 13 etched glass repeat pattern examples below.

etched glass replacement

Some customers have etched glass designs, but do not wish to have them remade, due to costs or even they don't like the design. This is when we introduce our etched glass repeat patterns.

glass replacement

Like the photo above, the cusomer had a unique etched glass design but wanted something cost effective put back into the glass frame, they chose our etched starlight design.

Replace Etched Glass For Doors:

We also have a range of standard etched glass designs for different door styles.
The examples below display from left to right, etched glass for wide panel doors, etched glass for malton doors, and etched glass for downham doors.
Check out their pages to see other door glass designs.
etched glass door panel replacement

For a price please e-mail us your sizes and the design you require to sales@artglass.org.uk